5 Portable Solar Panel Facts for Camping 5 Portable Solar Panel Facts for Camping

Solar power can help provide heat and light during a camping trip, and solar hot water panels are a vital component of modern camping gear. Solar energy is renewable and sustainable, something that appeals to many campers and travelers, and is also significantly cheaper than using gas cylinders. Best of all, you'll never run out of sunlight! Bringing along your own solar hot water panels is also a good way of making yourself the most popular person in the group.

1 - How Portable Solar Panels Work

A solar hot water panel works by heating water inside of a plastic or vinyl bag. This bag contains water to be heated, and is suspended from a tree. The bag is black on side side, and clear on the other: black being the ideal color for heat-collection.

2 - Making Hot Water 

The amount of hot water you can create using this method depends very much upon how much sun there is, and how much water you are trying to heat, but you should have enough water for a shower or the washing up.It is also possible to buy solar power panels which are connected to a bag of water. In this case, a thermal conductor heats the water which is collected by the panel. These kinds of panels can be detached from the water bag, and used for other things. Campers should also be aware that solar hot water panels will continue to heat the water, so long as it remains in use, meaning that the water can reach very hot temperatures if not carefully monitored.

3 - Solar Power Battery Chargers

Another use for solar power panels while camping is battery charging. Small solar battery chargers can be carried in the pocket, and are very useful for recharging items such as phones or iPods, so if you can't live without these gadgets, a small battery charger is ideal. Some of these smaller solar power chargers come with integrated batteries, so they can be used to power anything.

4 - Large Solar Panels

For keen campers, there are a range of large solar panels available, including ones that can be rolled up, making them easy to transport in a camping rucksack. These large solar panels can be unrolled and laid upon the ground. They can be used to recharge things such as grill batteries, or even laptops (after a length of time).

5 - RV Solar Panels

If the camper is using an RV, then they can still use solar power for part of their camping trip. Solar panels for an RV don't need to be carried, although you might use the larger solar panels, which can be transported to and from the RV. There are a number of RV solar panel kits, which are mostly solid and with installation brackets. RV solar panels make quiet, clean electricity, so you will find yourself very popular in the camp site, and you can enjoy watching wildlife and birds without worrying that they will be driven away by the noise of an electric generator. Solar panels can also be used to charge the RV batteries after a long period of camping.

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