5 Questions to Ask a Patio Contractor

Although building a patio yourself can be a fun job, hiring a patio contractor is your best bet if you want to have the job done effectively, correctly and in no time. Also, hiring a contractor should ensure that you steer clear of any complications that may arise while doing the job yourself. As much as hiring a patio contractor sounds easy, finding the right person for the job can be difficult. Having points on your mind while looking for the right person and then asking the right questions can make your job easier. Read on to learn about questions to ask a patio contractor.


First, you should focus on the sources you will be using to find a reliable contractor. This will add credibility to the answers you get to any questions you will be asking. You can either ask your friend or family for a good contractor or you can look for one online.

Questions to Ask

Make sure that you don’t hesitate while asking questions after you have found a contractor.

1. License

Ask contractors if they are licensed. Ask for proof and then check it with your state’s contractor licensing list to verify the license. Do not hesitate while asking for proof. It is imperative you take care of licensing before you do anything else.

2. Start and Finish

Ask a patio contractor when he can start and finish the job. If you have a deadline in mind, it is always wise to let the contractor know beforehand to avoid any complications later. If you have a big event coming up, keep some extra time in mind so that the job can be done on time in case of unforeseen problems.

3. Work Schedule

Ask about the work schedule of the patio contractor. Make sure the contractor will be coming in for work and leaving at the same time everyday and will not keep you waiting. Ask for clear calender listings. 

4. On-site Supervisor

Ask the contractor who the onsite supervisor will be. Will it be the contractor himself or someone else. If it is someone else, get all the details of that person based on the previous questions. Ask whether you will be working with the same subcontractors and workers throughout the project or there will be changes. Make all of this clear to have a smooth job done for your patio.

5. Contract

Will the contractor be willing to sign all the replies to these questions in writing? Make sure you get this done as a contract, in writing. This will prevent you from facing any problems if the contractors fails to perform on the questions you asked him before the project. In case of such problems, having everything in writing will help you prove any job that goes wrong and hold the contractor responsible for it instead of having no where to go with an incomplete patio project at the deadline for example.