5 Quick and Easy Tips for Food Waste Disposal

hands full of red-worm compost
  • Beginner
  • 5-100
What You'll Need
Garbage bin
Worm bin
Compost bin
Farm animals e.g pigs and goats

Everyone’s home must have a solution for food waste disposal. While some are more convenient, others are more eco-friendly. Read on to learn about the several types of food disposal methods to see which will work best for you and discover tips that make them quick and easy to follow.

1. Trash Bin

Those who live in apartments without garbage disposals have little choice but to take care of food waste by putting it in the garbage. However, one big problem is that you need to empty your garbage every couple of days, especially in the summer when food waste can rot and smell. This method can also brew germs, so you need to be careful about handling older food waste. Wash your hands after touching the garbage, whether putting waste in or taking the garbage bag out. Although using a trash bin is common, there are better methods explained below.

2. Compost

Collecting food waste and putting it in a compost bin is the “greenest” option. Use a small bin in your kitchen to collect potato peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags, and any food left on your plates. Then, empty out the bin into your garden compost every few days.

This method has a double advantage. Not only do you get rid of your food waste, but also you recycle it by creating more compost.

3. Worm Bin

A worm bin creates compost in much the same way as a compost bin, but it uses worms that eat the waste instead of waiting for it to rot. This is a quicker process. Much like the compost method, you will need to collect the food waste to feed it regularly into the worm bin. Building one of these bins is simple, and there are plenty of places to obtain the proper worms, red worms or “wigglers,” for this form of food-waste disposal. Keep the bin between 55-77°F for optimum composting conditions

4. Garbage Disposal

Apart from simply throwing things away, the most common method of getting rid of leftover food is to use a garbage disposal under the sink. And, luckily, garbage disposals aren't difficult to install. While this is an OK method, it isn’t perfect. There are a number of things that shouldn’t be put down a garbage disposal, like some fibrous items, so you’ll need to use this method in conjunction with another one.

5. Animals

If you own enough property to keep pigs or goats, these animals can be fed some of your food waste. However, just like other methods, there are limits as to what you can feed them. Before feeding your pig or goat this food garbage, you should research what foods could be harmful to your animal and follow proper cooking regulations if the product contains meat or meat byproducts. This waste will also likely not be nutrient-dense enough to sustain them; continue supplementing your pig's and goat's diets with proper animal feed.