5 Reasons to Have a Bathroom Heater Fan

Hand touching a white bathroom ceiling vent.

If you need to replace the exhaust fan in your bathroom, consider replacing it with a bathroom heater fan. Bathroom heater fans provide all the functionality of a standard bathroom exhaust fans, as well as heat for your bathroom. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a bathroom heater fan in your bathroom.

Removes Moisture and Odors From the Air

Like standard bathroom exhaust fans, bathroom heater fans remove moisture from the air in your bathroom. Allowing too much moisture to accumulate in your bathroom will fog your mirrors, promote the growth of mold and mildew, make your floors and fixtures slippery, and create an uncomfortable experience in your bathroom. The fan portion of your heater fan will draw moisture out of the air and pass it outside of your home’s duct tube system. The fan will also help remove unpleasant odors from your bathroom when it is necessary.

Keeps You Nice and Warm

The primary purpose of a heater in the home is to help keep you warm when temperatures are low. Most bathroom heater fans use an infrared heat lamp that heats quickly and is ideal for heating small spaces such as bathrooms. Bathroom heater fans heat quickly but do not provide so much heat as to be uncomfortable or cause skin irritation. Allowing your bathroom to heat up a minute or two will make getting undressed for your morning shower a more comfortable experience. Your transition from the shower to the towel bar will be easier as well.

Helps Keep Fixtures and Mirrors Dry

Adding a heater to the exhaust fan in your bathroom will also help you keep your fixtures drier and free from mold and mildew. While standard bathroom exhaust fans do help some in this regard, bathroom heater fans do a much better job of keeping your mirrors from fogging up and keeping your sink and toilet dry to the touch. Drier mirrors and fixtures will mean less mold and mildew buildup and helps make cleaning your bathroom quicker and easier.

Inexpensive to Buy and Run

If you need to replace the existing exhaust fan in your bathroom, purchasing a quality bathroom heater fan will not add much more expense. The price difference between bathroom heater fans and standard bathroom exhaust fans is probably much less than you think. If you wait for bathroom heater fans to go on sale at your local home improvement store, you can save even more money.

Easy to Install

Most bathroom heater fans are easy to install. Some even come with complete instructions that show you exactly how to do it. Installing a bathroom heater fan is an excellent DIY project for even the novice home handyman and can generally be completed in an hour. To install a bathroom heater fan, you simply need a few basic tools and a step ladder.