5 Reasons to Install Interior Wooden Shutter Cabinets

When homeowners are looking for neat designs to upgrade their interior spaces, such as closets or cabinet spaces, interior wooden shutter options can be an attractive option. But why do planners choose these kinds of shutter installations? Those who buy or rent spaces with interior wooden shutters might not think about why they are part of a design, but the people who create these setups do. Wooden shutters add both function and style to a space.

Here are some of the top reasons for including wooden shutter designs in closet or cabinet doors.

A “Breathing” Closet

One of the biggest reasons for choosing interior shutters is that the louvered design lets air circulate into and out of the closet or cabinet space. Depending on what kind of aromatic items may be stored in an interior space, having more air flow can be a good thing. The wooden louver pieces act as versatile vents for the closed space.


The unique look of wooden shutters goes back many centuries to times when modern venting and other technology was not available. In the first louvered shutter designs, the horizontal pieces let in some air and light while keeping moisture and precipitation out of an interior space. In more modern times, wooden shutters became associated with various styles, such as a Spanish “terazza” style or a “plantation style” in early U.S. cities. Although these styles are probably more popular for exterior designs, they can be attractive to those who are creating a distinct look for their interior spaces.

HVAC Venting

Since the wooden shutters have the ability to help air circulate from inside a closet or cabinet, these are a good choice if there is a vent located anywhere in the closed area. Most homes are not built this way, but if a venting design benefits from a more open doorway, this is another big reason to plan wooden shutter designs into the room or area.


Lots of interior designers pay attention to the idea of adding extra “crafted value” to a room. When choosing between flat panel doors and wooden shutter doors, planners often find that the latter provides a more crafted look, adding class to the presentation, just as intricate banisters, wall sconces or other wooden installations make a home or property look elegant. If property owners can get wooden shutters at competitive prices, the design value of these items can be worthwhile.

Sound Control

Another feature of wooden shutters is that when their louvered panels are adjustable, residents can change the way sound moves through the home by closing or opening them. This can be helpful if changing noise levels require this kind of control.

All of the above considerations lead interior designers to consider louvered interior wooden shutters in room designs. Specialized hardware is useful for making sure that shutters stay in place, and those who outfit a closet or cabinet with these shutter designs will often add appropriate locking hardware and stylish handles for practical use. Designers might consider how locks and latches will be practical for indoor “plantation” door-length shutters, or for smaller cabinet doors or other similar designs. With the right accessories and applications, interior shutters can do a lot for those who live in a home.