5 Reasons You Might Remove Your Screen Door 5 Reasons You Might Remove Your Screen Door

Screen doors are a great addition for decorating your house but there are many reasons for which you might remove a screen door. No doubt, screen doors are very easy to install and are also not very expensive. But the disadvantages related to a screen door can make the entire thing problematic and it is also difficult to repair.

1. Screen Is Torn from the Frame

The screen is in general attached to a wooden or steel or aluminum frame. Due to any kind of stress on the screen this can get detached from the frame. Now if the screen itself is torn from the frame then the very purpose of installing the screen door is no more there. It becomes useless and you have to once again consider repairing it and this means shelling out cash once again.

2. Screen Damage

The screen mesh is not very strong and durable, so it is very vulnerable to get damage. Any accidental contact of a sharp object with the screen can tear it or break it. Also if you have pets in your house, their sharp nails can tear the screen and once the screen is torn you have to replace the entire screen mesh from frame to frame. No patching can be done as then the door looks very odd. Instead of being a decor in your house it diminishes the beauty of the house, if the screen door is patched. So a small mark or if just a small part of the screen is damaged you have to replace the entire thing.

3. Rust

In case of metal frame, rust is a big problem. Rust can weaken the link between the screen and the frame and as a result the screen mesh can come off. In the case of a wooden frame, the nail or screw with which the screen mesh is attached to the frame can get rusted due to long time exposure to rain and wind. If these connections are rusted they become weak and this results in the damage of the screen mesh.

4. Sliding Screen

In many cases people install sliding screen doors. Now in case of the sliding screen doors the process of installation is difficult and it is more expensive also. The door can get jammed due to dust or rust in the track or in other parts of the door. You also have to grease the track and the ball bearing regularly for the proper functioning of the door. This becomes troublesome and the maintenance cost is also high.

5. Door Hinges

The door hinges get damaged and malfunction quit often. They can get rusted or any fine particles like human hair, pet hair or fibers from a fabric can jam them. If the door hinges are jammed, the door will not close properly and once again it becomes useless. The door hinges cannot be repaired without opening the entire door so repairing becomes a long and hectic process.


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