5 Safety Precautions when Using a Needle Gun

A needle gun is an excellent tool for stripping paint and rust from metal. It does the job very quickly and efficiently and works well on metal that isn’t smooth. It can also be used on concrete. However, like any powerful tool, a needle gun can be dangerous if it isn't used properly. Whenever you use a needle gun, you need to take several safety precautions or you could seriously injure yourself.


The little chisels (they’re not really needles) on a nail gun move incredibly fast. This means you should make sure nothing is obstructing them. To make sure of this, button the sleeves of long-sleeved shirts so they don’t flap and make sure you’re not wearing loose clothing that could become caught in the needle gun. If you have long hair, either tie it back or tuck it under a cap as you work.

Goggle and Gloves

The nature of the needle gun means that microscopic fragments of rust and paint will constantly be flying off the surface you’re working on. These can easily fly into your eyes unless you wear safety goggles. You also need to make sure that they’re safety goggles and not glasses so that total protection to your eyes is assured. Keep these on for the entire time you’re working with a nail gun.

You also need to make sure you wear good gloves to protect your hands from the small pieces that are flying around. These can easily dig into bare skin and if there’s lead in the paint, this could cause problems.

Angle Of Use

To use a needle gun properly and to clear the metal effectively, you need to know how to use it properly. Hold the gun at an angle of 90 degrees to the metal. This allows the small chisels to do their work.

If you’re not holding it this way, you’re not allowing the tool work properly and you won’t clear the area as quickly or as cleanly. In other words, by not holding it right you’re making more work for yourself. More dangerously, you’re creating a condition where the needle gun can slip and injure you or someone else standing close by.


You need to ensure that the needles on your needle gun are sharp in order for them to do their work. If they become blunt, they can break and this will leave tiny pieces of metal flying around at very high velocities. It also won’t work very efficiently. The needles of a needle gun don’t need to be replaced very often, but checking should be part of your safety routine when using one.


Before using your needle gun on metal, you need to make sure the metal is clean. This ensures the needles won’t slip on the metal and cause an injury. Use a suitable cleaner to take off the grease and grime. Because the needle gun will be removing the rust, you don’t need to worry about removing it when cleaning.