5 Safety Tips for a Belt Sander

Using a belt sander can be one of the quickest ways of getting a finishing job done correctly.  However, without using safety precautions a power sander can be a dangerous tool to work with. Here are some tips to follow when using your sander.

Important safety tips

  • Never change the sandpaper while the sander is plugged in. Make sure that there is no electrical current connected to the tool before making any changes.
  • Place the tool onto the wood surface you are going to be working on before turning on the power switch.  
  • When you are finished working, do not remove the sander from the wood until you have turned the tool completely off.  
  • Wear protective eye material and use a respirator. Belt sanders can kick up a lot of dust that is harmful.
  • Only use a belt sander that has a proper dust ventilation system included.  If it does not come with one, most shop vacuums can be attached and work with the same efficiency.  

Use common sense and remember not to work too quickly. You will have better results and you will be safer.