5 Sewer Line Repair Tips

broken sewer line leaking
  • 2-50 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-2,000

When dealing with sewer line repair, always know what you are up against. Clogged or broken sewer lines can be a very difficult problem to face because it does not only cause water to flow back into the toilet bowls, drainage systems, and eventually on the floors, but it may also cause a very unpleasant odor. Sewer line repair does not only cost hundreds of dollars, it may cost thousands of dollars, especially if the sewer needs replacement. Before performing sewer line repair, make sure to consider the tips below.

1. Always Determine what is Causing the Sewer Line Problem

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The best way to do this is to have someone look at the sewer line through a camera. This may cost a few hundred dollars, but it is worth the price because it will save a lot of money when the real cause has been found and addressed properly. There are many reasons why a sewer line fails. One is probably due to clogging. Another is because of a tree root blocking or breaking the sewer line path. However, in order to fix the problem correctly, have someone find the root of the problem through a camera.

2. Get the Local Plumbing Codes

Before starting any sewer line repair, do make sure to get the local plumbing codes for safety reasons. Plumbing codes contain valuable information regarding the safety regulations for plumbing repair. Make sure to follow the depth required by the codes for digging in order to ensure that the repairs are kept safe.

3. Clear the Clog Yourself as Much as Possible

man working with an auger

If the sewer has been blocked by accumulated debris, then this can be done as a DIY repair. The usual process involved in cleaning a sewer line clog is to use a plumber’s snake or auger. This device consists of a long cable with a forked tip. The forked tip will hook to the accumulated debris and allow it to be pulled out. To use the auger, find a suitable access point for the sewer line. Possible access points include the roof vent and the cleanup found on the external grounds.

4. Beware of Sewer Line Repair Salesmen

Salesmen can charge an unreasonable price for sewer line repairs, so make sure to do some research on the actual costs of repairs before hiring a professional sewer line repair service. Although some aspects of sewer line repairs indeed require trained professionals, it is best to stay away from profit-oriented salesmen.

5. Shop Around for the Best Repair Deals

water spraying from a broken ground sewer pipe

When the repair is impossible as a DIY project, then make sure to shop around for the best professional service deals. Ask for recommendations from friends or from online forums. Check the reliability of the company, their years of experience, feedback from previous clients, and other details. The bottom line when repairing the sewer is to get as much information as possible before starting the project.

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