5 Shade Garden Design Ideas 5 Shade Garden Design Ideas

Picture an idyllic shade garden providing a cool oasis of respite on a hot summer’s day and the chances are that some of the following design features figure in that image. These easily achievable garden design ideas are sure to bring that perfect shady spot a step closer to reality. 

1. Paths

Select materials in keeping with the surroundings. Use bark mulch for wooded areas, stepping-stones in a cottage garden or brick for more formal settings. 

2. Garden Seats

Place a bench in a favorite location. Create homemade seating with well-supported flat stones or sturdy logs that blend with the environment. Construct a raised bed of lemon thyme or chamomile for an aromatic seat.  

3. Water Features

Introduce timeless energy and movement with the addition of soothing pools or fountains. 

4. Containers and Planters

Create interesting focal points with colorful planting in unique containers, such as old washtubs, kettles, barrels and urns. 

5. Shady Islands

Add variety of height with hostas, bleeding heart and astilbes beneath small to medium sized trees. Small vines like clematis are happy to clamber upwards through the branches, giving extra interest and color. 

Just follow these simple but effective design ideas to guarantee an enriched experience in your newly improved shade garden retreat.

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