5 Spiral Staircase Design Ideas 5 Spiral Staircase Design Ideas

Spiral staircases come in many designs and are made from various materials. Not only can they be installed by a professional, they also come ready to make in kit form. Designing one yourself is easy once you know what's available. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Which Way?

Spiral staircases can be designed either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Go with counter-clockwise just to be different.

How to Land

The top landing can be shaped in a few ways. Depending on where the staircase will sit, choices are; corner square, cantilever, corner triangle, balcony triangle, and round triangle.

Step it Up

How many steps to a circle? Standard steps usually range from 12 to 16 per circle. The less squares per circle, the deeper the steps, or the shorter the staircase, it all depends on the specifications required.

Handling Yourself

Handrails are a way to add feature to a spiral staircase. They can be pre-made or can be ordered as covers. Handrail covers range from wood to acrylic to metal.

Ready Made Ideas

Spiral staircases are made in wood, wrought iron, powder coated steel, and aluminum. For a classic look, choose wood or wrought iron. For a contemporary look, go with steel. And for an industrial look, aluminum is perfect.

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