5 Steps to Convert a Scooter into an Electric Scooter

If you have a basic scooter, then you may be envious of anyone who goes past on an electric scooter. The latter are much more expensive than their pedal-power cousins, and consequentially much more prestigious. Rather than saving up all your hard-earned cash and buying a brand new electric scooter, you could do yourself a favor, and convert your pedal-power into electric motor power using a simple kit. This is not a very difficult task, and you should be able to install the kit in a matter of hours, so long as you can manage to add the motor and wires to your scooter.

1 - Picking Up the Kit

You can find a suitable conversion kit on the Internet for around $600, and if you investigate a lot of sites, you may be able to find one even cheaper. You can also ask at local garages and bike shops, as they may stock the kit, or know where you can find someone who does. Looking for the right kit should not take more than an hour at most, and you can then order it, either online or through a local dealer.

2 - Assemble Your Tools

While you are waiting for the kit to arrive, you should spend some time assembling your tools. In order to fit the kit to the bike, you will need items such as a multifunction screwdriver, which will have both Philips and flat heads. You should also find a suitable pair of pliers, you will be using these to install the wire, so be careful that you have a reliable pair. You may also need an arc welder, depending upon how complicated your electric scooter conversion kit is. Keep all these tools together so that you can find them when the kit arrives.

3 - Install the Wheel

When you are ready to begin installing the kit, your first big job will be to add the electric scooter wheel. This is the back wheel, so you will need to follow the instructions in the kit carefully in order to take it off without damaging your scooter. Install the new wheel using your screwdriver, and ensure that it is secured into place.

4 - Install the Motor

Once you have fitted the back wheel, you are ready to install the motor. This will be positioned near the back of the bike, but you need to have wires coming off of it and going to both the handle bars and the powered wheel. Screw it into place, and then attach the wire to the wheel. Follow instructions carefully to ensure that you don't get the wire entangled with the wheel.

5 - Install the Start-up Button

You will then be able to install the start button at the front of the scooter. This button should be near the handle, so position it according to whether you are left or right handed. Keep the wires closely connected to the side of the bike, and then attach them to the motor. Check that everything is working correctly before you take the bike out on a ride.