5 Steps to Hanging a Pool Canopy 5 Steps to Hanging a Pool Canopy

What You'll Need
Tape measure

A pool canopy, also known as a pool shade or a pool pavilion, is the perfect way to keep the sun off the water when swimming. For those who use the pool extensively in summer, it makes swimming far more comfortable. It does need to be erected in spring and taken down in fall, but it’s a relative simply task.

Step 1 - Location

The pool canopy is a kit so it will need to be put together and erected over the pool. Knowing the dimensions of the pool canopy you can use a tape measure to determine exactly where the posts will sit. Mark the spots so you’ll be able to seat them quickly when ready.

Step 2 - Legs

You’ll need to assemble the legs (or posts) of the pool canopy. These will consist of several sections that need to be connected. When putting the sections together, line up the holes and pit the bolt through. Screw a nut on to the bolt where it emerges and then tighten with wrenches until it’s very firm. You’ll need to repeat this for all the legs; the number of legs will vary with the size of the pool. After completing the legs, set them aside.

Step 3 - Canopy Frame

Putting together the frame of the pool canopy is the most complex part of the construction process. There will be instructions with the kit, and you should follow these.

Start by constructing the base, which is where the legs will meet the canopy. From here you’ll put together the gable sections and finally the ridge. All of the poles for these will need to be connected with bolts and nuts, and all must be very carefully tightened. If they become loose it can end up threatening the integrity of the structure. Once you’ve completed the frame for the pool canopy you should test all the connections to be certain they’re strong.

Step 4 - Canopy

There is only one correct way for the canopy to sit on the frame. Spread it over the frame, making adjustments so that the peak sits properly on the ridge and the gable ends are seated properly. Once you’re satisfied with the positions you’re ready to tied the canopy down. Be certain that the canopy is stretched tight over the frame and tied tightly. If it’s not, a gust of wind could lift off the canopy or even cause the entire pool canopy to lift and fly off.

Step 5 - In Position

To place the pool canopy in position you’ll need the help of a friend. Carry the canopy section until the ends are over the marks you’ve made for the poles. Now lift one of the ends and slide the poles into place in the canopy. Press the posts into the ground. Repeat for the other end, and then for the other holes along the length of the pool canopy. Then go back, line up the holes between legs and canopy, insert the bolts and tighten the nuts.

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