5 Steps to Moving a Portable Shed

What You'll Need
Breaking device

A portable shed is a lightweight construction that can be easily moved from place to place without a lot of effort. Most portable sheds are built on wheels or skids, and the latter can be easily moved using a few simple tricks. Moving a shed using skids the the most common method of transport, so here are a few methods of moving a portable shed which is on skids. In moving a shed, it is a good idea to organize a few friends to assist you.

Step 1 - Assessing the Shed

Before you begin, you will need to assess whether the shed can be moved in its current condition. Even portable sheds become settled into ground over time, and there may also be some deterioration in the wall fabric, meaning that it could collapse if moved. If you spot any problems with warping or cracking, either do not move the shed at all, or take care to wrap the entire shed in cling-film. Also take care to ensure that the door to the shed is locked: you do not want it flying open at the wrong moment!

Step 2 - Assess the Ground

You will now need to examine the area over which the shed will be traveling. Walk across it, and take care to remove anything which might be damaging to the shed, such as bricks, gardening tools, rocks and even children's toys. Portable sheds can be overturned by things like this, so make sure that the pathway is completely clear. You should also check the intended destination of the shed, to make sure there is nothing wrong here. The ground should have been prepared with a suitable foundation, and any obstacles removed.

Step 3 - Lay the Plywood

Putting plywood down on the ground between the path helps the shed to travel over the ground without being jolted by dips and rises in the soil itself. This is the time to get your friends to assist. Get them to put the plywood end to end. You can then begin to move the shed.

Step 4 - Roll Out the Shed

The shed should now be ready for transport. Find a good piece of pipe, which is slightly wider than the shed, and use this between the two rows of wheels to help control the shed during its journey. The pipe will be used to guide the shed along the plywood, and to make any turns necessary to keep the shed moving in the right direction.

Step 5 - Completing the Journey

Once the shed is underway, you and your fiends should be able to control the shed using the pipe, but take care not to trap limbs or digits under the shed. Take care at all times during the movement of the shed, and always know exactly where it is in relation to yourself. Once the shed is nearly at its final destination, you will need to slow the shed. The best way to do this is to place bricks or similar large objects in front of the wheels: don't allow the shed to overbalance.