5 Stones You Can Lay Over Concrete Patio

There are several types of stones that you can lay over a plain concrete patio. Adding stones helps dress up plain concrete patios. Because you already have the concrete patio, you are eliminating the often time consuming task of having to pour a slab of concrete before laying your stones.


Flagstone is a building material which has been used in the construction industry for many years. Its beautiful and rustic appearance makes it the perfect choice for  homeowners that are looking to build a new patio, driveways or walkway or just want to update an existing patio. Flagstone maintenance is quite simple and the building material is simple to install. It’s a natural stone so it can be delicate because of its thinness. If installed properly flagstone patios will last for at least 50 years and will be resistant to freeze thaw conditions, hot weather condition and rainfall.


There are many benefits of using cobblestone to cover your concrete patio.  You can create beautiful designs and patterns with an old world flair There are many shapes, sizes and colors available today. Repairs are also very easy, you just simply replace the affected piece of cobblestone with another. With cobblestone, you can also be guaranteed of of the new surface's durability and longevity. They are fairly weather resistant as well.

Mosaic Tile Patios

Mosaic Tile Patio has gained immense popularity in recent years by home-makers. There are so many way to redecorate surfaces and room settings, but undoubtedly these natural panels provide something different. Mosaic tile come in a variety of of colors. Keep in mind, however, that these tiles are not as durable as stone and will not hold up as well in extreme weather.


You can give your concrete patio a new lease on life by laying down tile over it. Tile is available in a wide range of textures, materials and colors, so you can choose an inviting look that’s just right for your patio space.


Pavers are a great stone to lay over your existing concrete patio. These come in a variety of shapes, colors and style. Pavers are easy to lay and easy to remove and update. Pavers are also extremely weather resistant. There are a few different variety of pavers to choose from. One of the most popular types of pavers are ones that "lock" together. These eliminate the need for any type of grout and create a smooth and seamless look on your patio.  Pavers can be painted to match your outdoor decor theme as well.


When looking for a versatile and affordable stone to lay on your concrete patio, brick is a good choice. Brick stones are extremely durable and you can paint them to match nearly any outdoor decor. Brick comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes making it a good choice when laying stones on your concrete patio