5 Things to Know About Pond Lighting 5 Things to Know About Pond Lighting

Pond lighting is a great addition to any backyard retreat. You can install pond lighting to illuminate the spot to make it more romantic or perhaps you enjoy watching the fish and other wildlife partake in the pond. Regardless of the reasons you may have for installing pond lighting, there are some things you should be aware of. The article below will share with you several things about choosing the right pond lighting and how to use it.

1. Ease of Installation

When installing pond lighting, the common misconception is that it is easy. The salesman at the local hardware store will tell you how easy pond lighting is to install because he wants a sale. As soon as you get the lights home you will quickly discover what kind of chore it actually is. The methodology behind pond lighting is simple. Take a light and put it in the pond and then turn it on. The salesman will neglect to tell you that you have to wire the lights into a grounding electrical box. That is if you want good lights in your pond. You may therefore want to opt for self-contained pond lighting that runs on an internal battery.

2. Mounting

Pond lighting is typically not heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the pond and stay put. They are usually quite buoyant. Some of the lights will float off of the bottom of the pond while others will simply fall to the side and sort of bob in the water. In order for pond lighting to remain upright and in place, it is a good idea to mount each light unit to a brick or small piece of square concrete. You can do this with galvanized steel concrete screws and a drill. Once the units are on the base, they will stay put in the pond.

3. Choosing the Right Bulb

There are many kinds of different types of pond lighting available. You want to choose the right one, as the last thing you need is to change a bulb every few months. A typical bulb can last several hundred hours and then burn out. The best choice for pond lighting is LED lighting. These types of light, though more expensive, can last for years without burning out or fading. They are also very bright and give a more radiant glow to the pond.

4. Size is Irrelevant

When you are shopping around for pond lighting, you will find small and large lights with many sizes in between. The actual size of the light does not matter. What is important is the wattage of the light and how deep your pond is. The deeper the pond means you need a brighter light to break through the surface of the water to be seen.

5. Placement

Placing pond lighting can be crucial in creating that perfect look. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Design a plan and place the lights. Stand back and admire them. Move them around as often as you need to in order to get that perfect setup.

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