5 Things to Know About Stucco Repair

For a home built with a stucco exterior surface, stucco repair is one of the skills needed to keep your home looking new and attractive. If the surface of your stucco home becomes chipped, cracked, dented or discolored you will need to choose whether to hire a repairman or to make the repairs yourself. With the right material and repair procedures, you should be able to make these repairs yourself. Here are a few things you'll need to know.

Stucco Types

All stucco is not the same. Some include cement in their content. Plaster stucco, you'll find, contains lime; while some of the newer stucco contains polymers. To patch your home's stucco properly you should know which type of patch to use to repair the specific type of stucco.

Patching Stucco

Not all repairs require patching. But for larger holes and cracks, patches will generally be the recommended option. Typically, you will be able to purchase stucco patches in the size and type that will work for your individual needs. You can also make custom patches by buying and using a patch kit.

Mixing Stucco

You should always refer to mixing directions from the manufacturer of the stucco patch or mixture you will use to repair your stucco. Thickness, or viscosity, of your mix will be critical. You should always measure carefully the amount of water you add to your mixture according to manufacture's directions. If your mixture is too thin, it will weaken the stucco. If it is too thick, you will have problems applying and spreading it. Whatever measuring device you use, be careful to match measurements exactly to those specified in the individual instructions.

Sealing Stucco

Before applying your stucco patch or repair material, you should always apply a sealer. In purchasing your sealer material, choose one that will work best with the type of stucco your home has. If you are not able to find information on the prospective stucco sealer labels, ask a consultant in the hardware or home improvement store which sealer will work best with your stucco. If possible, try to learn more about your home’s stucco and its chemical composition. At least, learn the approximate age of your home. This will, at times, provide information about stucco content.

Stucco Repair Drying Time

More than likely you will need to apply more than one stucco repair application. Rather than applying a thicker first coat of patching material, you should apply several applications that are thinner. You may choose to apply more than two applications. Always give your applied coat time to dry before applying the next coat. Refer to your product's directions for recommended drying time. If temperatures are cooler when you apply your patch, or if you are applying it in a more humid climate, you will need a more extended drying time. Applying additional materials before the previous one is dry can often cause cracking of your applied stucco.