5 Things to Know when Planting Red Apple Trees

The most convenient way to grow a red apple tree is to buy a potted tree from a local garden center rather than starting it from seeds. Here are some basic things which you should know before planting red apple trees.

1. Choose the Right Time

The best time to plant red apple trees would be in the middle of winter or even early spring. It is not recommended to start them in the summer when they might dry out. However, red apple trees can be planted during each and every season of the year if you make sure to supply your apple tree with enough water for it to flourish. In addition, there is no danger of damaging the tree if it is planted in full hot sun.

2. Location

One important element which is necessary for growing healthy red apple trees is sunshine. They need a considerable amount of sunshine throughout the day. They should also be planted among other apple trees to enable cross pollination. Lack of these two important elements will most likely deprive your red apple tree of the ideal environment for it to produce fruit. Furthermore, apple trees need bees to be fruitful. In fact, in parts of China where there are a limited amount of bees, they actually have to hand pollinate the apple trees using a piece of bamboo and some feathers.

3. Prepare the Soil

When preparing the soil where your tree is to be planted, you must separate the top and middle soil into two piles. Put to one side the top soil, which is the first three to four inches. The rest of the under-soil must first be mixed with compost before it is placed back in the hole around the root bulb. When ready, first place the removed top soil into the location and then place the mixed under-soil.

4. Mulch the Tree

After planting the apple tree and placing the soil back in place, it is also recommended to add about three inches of mulch on the top soil. This will provide the tree with organic material which will eventually be turned into nutrients for the tree via the microorganisms that are found in the soil. Moreover, you can tie the tree to a wooden stake to provide support during the first couple of months.

5. Watering the Tree

After planting an apple tree, you have to water it immediately. Make sure to give plenty of water the first time and then to water it every other day for the first couple of weeks, skipping any rainy days. After that, water your tree twice a week and then stick to a standard routine of watering just once a week. In addition, after some years, there will be no need to water the apple trees except in the hot summer days.

 These are some basic tips which you should know before planting red apple trees. These trees can enhance a garden environment, and they are easy to take care of. An annual prune will help the trees to grow taller and stronger.