5 Things to Know When Purchasing Pottery Clay 5 Things to Know When Purchasing Pottery Clay

If you are a person who likes to dabble in clay artwork, then you need to know how to purchase pottery clay. No matter what your taste in clay artwork is like, you will always need to know which clay best suits your needs. Even a person who is not a professional clay sculptor will want the best pottery clay to ensure that their designs will be everlasting and perfect. The figures that you make, will be marveled at by everyone, if they are done right with the help of the "right" clay. Here is some information on what you should know, when you make your important purchase:

1 - What Type Of Pottery Peaks Your Interest

It does not matter what type of pottery you may do, as long as you know which clay will give you the best results. Before you make any purchases, know exactly what you want to work on. You may like to mold vases, bowls or do simple sculptures. Regardless of your molding interests, know what type of clay works best for your final outcome.

2 - What Type Of Equipment Do You Have

Before purchasing pottery clay, you need to determine what type of equipment you will need to mold the clay with. For more detailed work, you may need: a clay mixer; pug mill or pugger-mixer. But, if you are doing simple molds, then your hands will mix and wedge the clay. Other equipment you need to consider when buying pottery clay may include: a potter's wheel; slab roller or extruder. Professional pottery designers may also rent or own a kiln.

3 - What Type Of Pottery Clay Is Available

If you don't own any of the equipment mentioned before, then moist clays are the best to purchase. There are also clays that are processed using a de-airing pug mill, which helps to wedge the clay more easily. You must also know your own strength when molding the clay. There are also very dry clay varieties that you can buy. These dry clays can be mixed with water to make them moist. The dry clays are cheaper to purchase than the moist clays. You can also purchase pottery clay in a variety of colors, to make more eye catching artwork.

4 - Save Money By Mixing The Clay Yourself

Without using all of the pottery clay gadgets, you can save money by mixing the clay by hand. This can be a fun hobby for young children who are interested in pottery work. They can spend hours making new creations on their own. Purchasing the dry clay and mixing it with water would be great for this adventure. For simple pottery work, you don't have to necessarily use a kiln.

5 - See Which Pottery Clay Works Best For You

No matter what path you choose when purchasing pottery clay, you always have to know what suits your style best. Try experiementing with various clays and the machinery that molds them. You will then determine which pottery clay is right for you.

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