5 Things to Remember When Choosing the Right Dumbbell Set for Your In-Home Gym

One of the most popular parts of any home gym is a dumbbell set. This set of free weights will help users develop their upper body with many different free-weight activities that rely on progressive weight training with different weight loads through various repetitions.

Dumbbell Sets for Your Home Gym

When you’re setting up a home gym area, there are a number of things to think about in order to choose the best fitness aids and tools for an effective home workout space. Choosing the right fitness items can make all of the difference between a home gym that you use regularly, and one that just doesn’t get used that much. Good decisions can also help to protect the interior space that you are using as a home gym.

1. Space Issues

One of the first things to think about for outfitting a home gym is how to fit all of your weight and fitness equipment into a specific available square footage. Some dumbbell sets are extremely compact and ideal for smaller spaces. These include modular dumbbell sets, where specific parts fit into an overall handle to add weight, rather than requiring many different individual sets of dumbbells, which can take up a lot of space. Look for compact and portable designs for smaller home gym areas.

2. Rolling

Some of the traditional round-dumbbell weight plates can end up rolling around on floors, scuffing surfaces and even leading to injury. Modern fitness manufacturers have solved this problem with “no-roll” dumbbell designs including hex dumbbells. These free weights with hexagonal heads stay where they are put, making a home gym area safer.

3. Weight Load

Some home gyms include floors that are not made to handle an excessive amount of weight. Thinking about the overall total weight of your fitness tools may seem like a triviality, but in some situations, too much weight can really affect the structure of a building. Always evaluate how much weight your gym area can handle before lugging in heavy sets of dumbbells and other tools.

4. Dumbbell Alternatives

Some new modern fitness tools are replacing dumbbells for some upper-body workout activities. These include wrist and forearm weights that actually attach to the arm, rather than being held in the hand. These alternatives can be more desirable for some workout programs in some home gym spaces.

5. Special Features

It’s also interesting to look at some of the most modern features that manufacturers have put into dumbbell set designs. Ergonomic handles and other additions can help make dumbbells easier to use and safer for an in-home gym that offers the most potential to busy users.

Besides ordering the right dumbbells, think about other space saving options, especially for aerobic and cardio activities, where new products like kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, and stability balls are replacing the traditional floor-standing treadmill, elliptical and ab crunch machines.