5 Tiny Homes You'll Want to Move Into Now

The Tiny Revolution

No doubt you've heard about the tiny home movement by now.  Trending minimalistic lifestyles combined with rising housing costs make these small scale structures more appealing than ever. Have your doubts about residing in a 200-square foot structure? These houses will have you questioning your mortgage, rent, and closets of junk in no time.

1. Modern Shipping Container

Shipping containers are often used for tiny homes because of their availability, size, and solid construction. This one boasts a modest 160-square feet, but it sleeps up to four people and even has a rooftop deck. Image via tinyhouseforus.

2. Rustic A-Frame

A-frame construction creates quaint angles that are perfect for small scale living. While you may not want to live full-time in a tiny home, how about building one as your vacation getaway? Try it on for size with this cabin located in Northern California -- available for rent through airbnb.

3. Peaceful Lake House

If a tiny home isn't unconventional enough for you, how about one floating on water? This 240-square foot house is built on plastic floatation tubes, Styrofoam, and pontoons. The owner transports water to the home via canoe every morning, and candles illuminate the space at night. Image via Countryliving.

4. Historic Grain Silo

You don't have to start from scratch when constructing a tiny home. Half the fun can be finding an existing structure to work with. This 1940s Texas grain silo has one bedroom and one bath -- and is available as a vacation rental. Image via Jetson Green.

5. Eco-Friendly Flatbed Trailer

This 196-square foot home in Idaho was built on a flatbed trailer on a budget of $11,500. The most expensive part? The $2,000 compost toilet that uses almost no water.