5 Tips for an Attractive Ornamental Trellis 5 Tips for an Attractive Ornamental Trellis

Whether you are seeking to create a focal point in your garden or you want to give plants the best environment for growth, you will find that an ornamental trellis is an option. There are a range of different styles that can be utilized to create the result that you desire. Being aware of some hints that can be put in place during the design process will help you to create an ideal trellis.

1 – Obelisk

An obelisk trellis can make for an ideal ornamental trellis as it can be used as a focal point in your garden. The pyramid shape will allow the structure to be freestanding and will provide a stable place for plants to be planted. The large size that these trellises are available in will provide a low maintenance solution to your planting needs. The plants and flowers will have a significant amount of space to grow over and can be left to grow up along it naturally.  

2 – Shapes

It is possible to fashion trellis into a number of shapes to create a customized ornamental trellis that stands alone. For example, a trellis in the shape of an animal or a house will not only act as a focal point but will also add a touch of style to your garden. A shape motif can also be used when attaching trellis to a wall. The shape of the trellis will dictate the manner in which the plants grow on it, which will allow you to create an attractive feature at your home.      

3 – Arch

Creating an ornamental trellis with the use of an arch can be used in a range of ways. An arched doorway can be formed from trellis to create a decorative entrance to a garden, which can be used to display flowers that people can walk beneath. Similarly, a trellis can be attached to the wall of a home around the doorway. Allowing plants and flowers, such as ivy and roses, to grow on the trellis is an ideal way to add decoration to the outside of a property.     

4 – Decorate    

Adding decorative touches to the structure itself is also a good way to create the ornamental trellis that you desire. There are a number of different materials that it can be made from, allowing you to find a suitable one or to adjust it to your design. Wooden trellis can be personalized with stain or paint of a color that matches the plants if it is to be used for or one that forms part of the theme of the entire garden.

5 – Plants

The plants that you use can do a great deal to help you create a trellis to be proud of. Allowing different plants to grow alongside each other is a good idea, which will allow you to create a color palette that works well together and matches the trim of your home. This will also enable you to match different items for color, such as tomatoes and red roses.

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