5 Tips for Applying Semi Transparent Deck Stain

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Applying semi-transparent deck stain is an ideal way to add color to your patio as well as protect it. Being aware of the various tips and hints that can be followed during the process of applying the stain will ensure that you achieve a decent result.

Tip #1 - Preparation

In order to ensure that the stain takes properly, it will be necessary to prepare the surface in readiness of accepting the solution. In addition to sweeping up any dirt and debris that may be present on the deck, take some time to give it a more thorough cleaning. If you do not have a pressure washer, a scrubbing brush will be sufficient. Pay particular attention to any marks on the surface as this can result in voids in the stain if they are not taken care of. If any stains have seeped into the wood of the deck, rectify this by gently resurfacing the affected sections with sandpaper. Ensure that you wipe away any resultant dust after this process before beginning to apply any stain.

Tip #2 - Tools

Use the tools necessary to enable you to apply the semi-transparent deck stain evenly. This is likely to depend on the construction of your deck. You will often be able to apply stain more evenly when using a roller. In order to use this method, pour some stain into a roller tray and gather onto the roller only enough stain to complete a couple of strokes at most. Edges can be finished up with a brush. Using a roller will also make it less likely that drip marks and the excess stain will be left on the surface.

Tip #3 - Application Technique

When applying a semi-transparent deck stain, it is important to work in a methodical manner to ensure an even result. Allowing the stain to overlap while it is applied can result in a deck that is affected by uneven color. Do the work by applying stain in straight lines to make it easier to keep track of what you have done and prevent the risk of overlapping. Avoid changing the direction in which you sweep the brush. Before beginning the project, plan where you intend to start and finish so that you will not find yourself in a position of disturbing what you have already done.

Tip #4 - Mix Stain

It is possible for particles in the tin of deck stain to settle to the bottom so it is important to thoroughly stir the stain with a dowel before use. Alternatively, make sure the lid is firmly in place before shaking it.

Tip #5 - Finishing

Keep a rag to hand to wipe up any excess stain that has inadvertently been deposited on the surface as soon as possible. If you intend to apply more than one coat to achieve the color that you want, complete an application to the entire deck first. Once you have completed the first coat and let it thoroughly dry, you can then go over it with a second coat.