5 Tips for Attaching a Box Scraper to Your Riding Mower

If you are a person that likes to take top care of your yard, adding a box scraper to your riding mower is a must. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are beginning this project to help to go smoothly.

Tip 1 - Focus on the Chains

When you are attaching the box scraper to the back of the riding mower you want to make sure that you add enough chains depending on the size and also that they are spread out evenly. Typically four chains is a good amount to have. When you are attaching the four chains you want to have an even space between each of them so that when you are riding you don't have one side coming up faster than the other or another side dragging behind. Also, you want to make sure that when you are cutting the chains they are all of equal length. Six feet is a good size for a chain.

Tip 2 - Add Cinder Blocks to the Floor

Adding cinder blocks to the floor of the box scraper is a great way to keep the riding level and even. While you are trying to smooth out the soil, the blocks will provide a weight so that it continues to spread out evenly.

Tip 3 - Attach Hydraulic Lines

This step isn't too hard but while you are doing it you want to keep in mind that you want to line them up as perfectly as possible before you pull back the connectors and push them together. After you do this they will automatically seal.

Tip 4 - Consider Homemade

Many times a homemade box scraper will be more beneficial for your mower and the soil. Once you make it you can attach using an eye bolt on each corner. Then you can use 4 chains, each about 6 feet long to attach from the mower to the scraper.

Tip 5 - Think About the Turf

Before you decide to attach the actual box scarper you will want to decide what you are actually using it for as this factors into the way it is attached. If you are just leveling soil out then attaching it with the typical 4 chains, 6 feet long each is the best bet. However, if you plan to use it for something rougher like wood chips or even rocks then you want to make sure that it is secure enough and may want to consider a different size chain or maybe even a shorter length. Keeping in mind the kind of turf you will mainly be using it on is key to attaching the box scraper in the best manner,

Together these tips will guide you in attaching the box scraper in the most efficient manner. Keep in mind that while there is a standard size of chain as well as length, you also have to consider the surroundings and the use of the scraper as it may cause this chain to vary depending.