5 Tips for Choosing and Hanging Shower Window Curtains

If you have a window in your shower, then you need shower window curtains for privacy. The problem is choosing the right type of shower window curtain and hanging it, which isn't very difficult at all. Just follow these tips.


Unless you have exceptionally large windows in your shower, you should stick with a single piece of fabric. Remember that it will be subject to plenty of water and steam, so you want something that will not shrink or stain. Use a light color, such as white, which will bring in the light while blocking the view. Semi-transparent shower curtains are another option. To achieve the very best effect, sew or glue a small hem at the bottom.

Net Curtains

Some people advocate net curtains for shower windows, but they are not the ideal solution. Unless they are fixed in place at both top and bottom, they do not block very well. Also, a light in the bathroom allows people to see inside.


When it comes to hanging shower window curtains, you are presented with a number of different options. Traditional curtain rods do not look right in a shower. You are better off looking at different ideas.

Expanding Rod

An expanding rod, much as you would use with a regular shower curtain, can work very well for shower window curtains. You can set it exactly to the width of the window, and it will stay firmly in place as long as it is installed correctly. It will hold the curtain correctly, and as long as there is some weight in the material, there should be no flapping. All you will need to do is wipe the curtain periodically to keep it clean.

Hooks and Wire

Hooks in the wall with a covered wire can also work well. The wire will remain taut, thus preventing drooping. If you use a wire at the top and bottom , the curtain will be fixed in place, much like a blind. You will not have to worry about it moving. The only disadvantage to this method is that you must install the hooks into the tile. It is not easy, and you will need hooks that are long enough to go deep into the back board. They will also need to sit in anchors.