5 Tips for Deciding what Car Paint Colors to Go with 5 Tips for Deciding what Car Paint Colors to Go with

If you are buying a new car or painting your own, the most challenging choice is the amount of car paint colors to choose from. Shuffling through a car showroom or dealership will offer the choice of almost every color under the sun and it can be an extremely bewildering experience unless you already have a preferred color in mind. If, however, you are more interested in the make and model of the vehicle, color may not be your first consideration and you could be faced with five, ten or even twenty different colors. The next thing to decide on is which to go for and why.

Tip 1 – Bright and Shiny

Do you want your car to stand out and get noticed or are you more interested in not gaining public notoriety for the vehicle you are driving about town? If you want your car to be seen and heard, it is quite within reason to choose yellow, light green, orange, gold, bronze or even turquoise. These colors may not appeal but there are far more out there than most people would expect to see. However, it is also worth keeping in mind that the combination of make, model and color can also be attractive to other parties, such as the police or thieves. Certain color of car has been associated with receiving more speeding tickets where other colors seem to pass by unnoticed. Some cars are stolen for their specifications. Say, a rare red Ferrari, might be on the wanted list, but a black SUV would go totally unnoticed. Be aware of color and how it can impact the attention your vehicle receives.

Tip 2 – Dirt and Grit

Every car will attract dirt. There’s no escaping that fact and no getting away from having to wash the car when it looks like it has been off road driving in sand or mud. In cases where you might not want the dirt to show up so much you might decide that buying a beige, tan or cream colored car. Dirt tends to blend in with those kinds of colors so even if the car gets grubby it will still look relatively clean.

Tip 3 – Safety First

White is classed as a safe type of color. Although not really an actual color, it is still referred to as such. White goes with anything, so the interior of your car could be any color you like. It is very visible during the day and has reflective properties that make it stand out at night as well. Obviously it is not so great in the snow but then it doesn’t snow for the whole year in most places.

Tip 4 – Popular Colors

Black and silver are probably two of the most chosen colors for car paint. They have a sleek classic appearance and make even an inexpensive car look worth more than it is. While red is also a very popular color it is more favored with people who purchase sports cars rather than SUV’s or sedans.

Tip 5 – Calm or Racy

Choosing a car paint which will sum your character is often a factor in people’s decisions. If you are working on a project car and are giving it a fresh coat of paint, starting from the metal upward, then you are basically in a position to choose anything you like for your car. If you go to purchase one, you might not always find the correct color in the make and model of car you wish to buy. If your project car is ready for painting you can select a color paint which you feel suits you. Warm tones, cooler tones, fiery tones and such will show people a little about you when you drive your car down the road.

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