5 Tips for Faucet Cartridge Replacement

A faucet cartridge replacement can be the very solution to your dripping faucet. Over time, faucet cartridges have a tendency to become worn and will need to be replaced. Today's faucets are constructed with a replaceable cartridge to stop those irritating leaks. Here are 5 tips for replacing your faucet's cartridge.

Turn Off Water Supply

Before beginning to work on your faucet or any other task that involves your plumbing, be sure to turn off the water supply to prevent getting yourself and your surroundings wet. After turning off the water supply, open up the valves to your faucet to remove excess water from the lines.

Disassemble Faucet

Carefully disassemble your faucet to reveal the cartridge inside. Remove the cartridge and discard it.

Install New Cartridge

After discarding old cartridge, place new cartridge securely in place. Ensure that it is not easily moved from its seating.

Reassemble Faucet 

You can now carefully put your faucet back together ensuring that all other internal parts are in place. Losing a gasket could make your leak problem even worse without a gasket.

Restore Water Supply

Turn on water supply. You can now turn on your faucet to check the flow of water and then turn off. Watch for any leaks to come from faucet.