5 Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your Natural Gas Furnace

For many homeowners, a natural gas furnace is the best option for their household heating needs. A gas fueled furnace is especially important if you live in an area that has freezing temperatures. A gas furnace works more efficiently than an electric furnace. However, sometimes your gas furnace may not work as efficiently as it should, due to faults in the heating system. A faulty furnace will cost you high energy bills. However, some simple measures can also boost the efficiency of your gas furnace. Below are 5 tips that will enhance the performance of your furnace.

Regular Tuning

It is a good idea to thoroughly clean and tune up your gas furnace every 2 years. Regular cleaning enhances the performance of the furnace. It also extends the lifespan of your heating system. You’ll be able to spot possible defects and take corrective action. This will help reduce furnace malfunctions and cut down on repair costs. For extra thoroughness, you may call in a service technician after cleaning to run a check on the system. This will ensure that the furnace is able to run perfectly after cleaning and inspection.

Seal Ducts

Loss of heated air from the house hampers the efficiency of any heating system. It creates more demand on the furnace. More energy is also utilized in heating up the house. This creates higher utility bills for you. Inspect your home carefully, especially before the winter, to identify leaking areas. Be extra careful around the windows, doors, floors, walls, ceiling, plumbing installations and electrical outlets. Caulk all cracks and gaps. Use weather strip around your windows to make them more draft resistant. Thoroughly sealing weak areas in the house which experience air leaks will enhance the performance of your furnace.

Clean Furnace Filters

Dirty or clogged furnace filters hamper the heating system from working efficiently. With time, the filters accumulate dust, dirt, pollen and lint which restrict healthy air flow. It is best to inspect your filters every month to ascertain their condition. Clear all blockages from clogged filters to encourage higher efficiency. If you detect any damaged filters it is best to replace them. Damaged or worn out filters will utilize more energy. It will also create higher energy bills for you.


A regularly oiled furnace performs better than one that is hardly oiled. The motor lubrication ports and shaft bearings need to be oiled regularly. This will increase efficiency in heating and help curb high energy usage. It also prevents noise when the furnace is in use. Use some oil that is light in weight. You can obtain an ideal lubricant for boiler use from a hardware store.

Adjust or Clean the Burners

With time, the furnace burners become dirty. This hampers heating capacity of the furnace. Dirty burners also use more gas in heating operations. It is best to call a service technician to attend to the burners. Once cleaned or adjusted, this will improve efficiency of your natural gas furnace.