5 Tips for Installing a Shower Arm Diverter

Water spraying from a shower attachment
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

For greater versatility in the shower, you may want to install a shower arm diverter.

A shower diverter will allow you to use multiple attachments in your shower, such as multiple shower heads or other similar items.

Installing a shower diverter may require no tools, and it is quite easy to do. You can install your own shower arm diverter without difficulty if you are willing to put in a little bit of effort.

These shower diverter installation tips should make your shower modification go smoothly.

1. Choosing the Parts

cleaning a shower with brass hardware

To maximize the functionality of your shower, choose attachments carefully, especially the shower arm. It must fit the space without interfering with other aspects of the shower.

Measure your shower space and plan carefully. Additionally, you will need a standard showerhead. A standard shower diverter will work just fine with your shower arm.

You will need a second attachment, probably a hand held model. Consider your space, preferences, and any attachments you already have.

Match your attachments, arm, and diverter. Select parts with matching finishes, both in comparison to each other and the other parts of your shower.

2. Getting Ready

Gather your equipment, then remove your original showerhead. Remove the screws which hold the showerhead in place. Lift it away and set it aside.

3. Installing the Diverter

water trickling from a removable showerhead

Now that the showerhead is removed, you should be able to easily install the diverter in its original spot. Place the shower arm diverter in the socket.

Use your screwdriver to replace the existing screws. You may simply be able to twist it back on.

4. Adding the Attachments

water spraying from a white showerhead

Reinstall the showerhead on the end of the shower arm that you have just installed, either using your screwdriver or by twisting it on.

Add your second attachment, which is probably your handheld shower head. Twist it on or use your screwdriver.

5. Testing and Finishing Up

Use lukewarm water to run your shower for the first time. You should be able to use the shower arm diverter controls to switch between your attachments.