5 Tips for Installing a Trunnion Ball Valve

The trunnion ball valve is a type of ball valve that has an additional mechanical anchoring located at the top and bottom of the valve. Due to the anchorage provided by this particular ball valve, it is favored for the larger and higher pressure valves that can accommodate about 40 bars. Installation of trunnion ball valves prevent the ball from shifting due to pressure and also from blowing out. Thus a DIY installation of this particular type of ball valve is highly improbable. However, if you are an on-site engineer who will be installing the trunnion ball valve, then here are five important installation tips that will help you install the valve properly.

Tip 1 - Remove the Line Pressure before Installing the Trunnion Ball Valve

Before you install the trunnion ball valve, it is important that you remove the line pressure first to avoid unexpected flow while working. It is also very important that the stem bearings are aligned in either close or open position to prevent the steam bearing from slipping in place. This will also make the job easier when installing the trunnion ball valve.

Tip 2 - Prepare the Ball Valve Carefully

Remove the trunnion ball valve from its packaging and make sure that you handle it properly. A ball valve is a sensitive device in any plumbing system thus it should be handled properly by a trained personnel. Prepare the ball valve by cleaning its interior using an air line. Make sure that solid debris is removed carefully otherwise the installation of the valve will not go smoothly. When working with the trunnion ball valve, it is important that you should work in calculated movements in order to get the job done successfully.

Tip 3 - Trunnion Ball Valves Have a Proper Installation Orientation

The ball valves are usually installed in a horizontal pipe that has a vertical stem bearing so make sure that you install the valve in its proper orientation. Now the valves can be installed with no limit with respect to the stem orientation as long as the valve is installed in a horizontal pipe.

Tip 4 - The Ball Should Be Installed In the Open Position

Most trunnion ball valves are installed with the ball in the open position. This ensures that the seat rings are not damaged during the installation. However, there are some brands of trunnion ball valves that need to be installed in a close position thus it is important to read the manual provided by the manufacturer before you install the ball valve. Moreover, extra care should be undertaken with the valves that are equipped with fail-close actuators. In this cases, always refer to the manual of the valve before installing the device.

Tip 5 - Install Thermal Installation on the Trunnion Ball Valve

If the trunnion ball valve will be subjected to extremely hot or cold temperature of above 200 to 0 degrees Celsius, respectively, it is important to install a thermal insulation to the body of the trunnion ball valve to protect the valve from malfunction due to heat.