5 Tips for Iron Fence Repair

Length of wrought iron fencing
  • 2-15 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-300

Wrought iron fence repair is a fairly simple undertaking that can beautify your home and property and make your iron fence seem new again. Iron fencing is definitely vulnerable to weather, time, and corrosion. Your fence will eventually become rusted and may even be cracked in certain places. Due to weathering it may look worn and old. Also the case may be simply that you have a loose post or the like. Here are five tips for repairing your aging wrought iron fence.

1. Loose Fence Posts

If you find one or several of your fence posts are sitting loose in their concrete base do not yank, pry or kick them straight again as this will no doubt bend the post and weaken the integrity of the concrete base. Instead you should take a drill fitted with a concrete drill bit and drill down beside the crooked or loose post fence post. Drill out enough around the fence post to allow you to set it completely level and straight. Now use a small amount of quick drying concrete to refill the drill holes and your fence post will be straight and solid once again.

2. Removing Rust

Rusting wrought iron fence

A big help in removing the rust from your wrought iron fence is an emery cloth. When you use standard sandpaper to remove rust from wrought iron, it will tend to tear quite often. An emery cloth avoids this because it will not generally tear while wearing down the sharp edges that rust can give to the finish of a wrought iron fence.

3. Controlling Rust

Controlling rust on your wrought iron fence can be done easily using sandpaper or emery cloth and a rust neutralizer. You may not be able to remove all of the rust on your iron fence but if you can make a smooth surface to paint on that will be just fine. Once you have achieved a smooth surface, apply the rust neutralizer before repainting.

4. Paint Conditioner

For a very professional and long-lasting paint job use a paint conditioner mixed in with your primer before you paint. Paint conditioners will help by better sealing the surface and making it smoother and more prepared to take a nice even coat of paint. Properly getting rid of rust, preparing the fence surface, and repainting the fence will make all the difference when doing your own iron fence repair.

5. Paint Choice

To achieve the look and finish you want while repainting your wrought iron fence, you should use a good direct-to-metal paint. This paint will adhere better directly onto a wrought iron fence and will give a better-looking finish and shine than standard paints. Also, when applying paint do not use a paint glove. They will tend to leave behind fibers that will stick and be visible on your iron fence. Instead, use rubber gloves with a sock turned inside out over them to apply paint.