5 Tips for Making Duct Tape Easier to Use

a line of colorful rolls of duct tape

There’s no doubt that duct tape is one of the most useful things to have around the house. There are many uses for duct tape, whether it is to be used as an emergency sealer or for simply holding things together sturdily. However, working with duct tape isn’t always easy. There are ways to make it easier that you can employ and this will improve the manner in which you use it.

Folding the End

One of the biggest problems with duct tape is peeling the end off the roll. Duct tape sticks firmly to things, especially duct tape! You have to find the end and dig your finger nails under it in order to start peeling off the duct tape. You can avoid having to do this every time by folding over the end of the tape when you’ve cut a piece off. This might mean you’ll waste a little bit of tape, but using the duct tape will be a lot easier.


You need to be well prepared when using duct tape, so always make sure a knife or pair of scissors is kept close at hand to promote easier cutting. Unless you need an exact length of duct tape for some reason, you can rip off a length by tearing. The edge will be ragged but it can save you time.


You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by putting your tape on a dispenser. This makes it easier to apply the tape to something, especially if you need a straight line. Also, the cutting is easier because of the serrated edge on the dispenser. The added bonus is that you don’t end up with any of the adhesive from the duct tape on your fingers.


Most people use scissors to cut duct tape, just as they would with Scotch tape. This isn’t the best method, however. Do this and the ends will curl a little where you cut. The duct tape can bond to itself. It’s much better to make a straight cut across the tape with a utility knife of a razor blade.

This will give a very clean edge that doesn’t curl. You’ll also have more success if you don’t cut duct tape from the roll until it’s actually been applied to an item. This way, you don’t risk the tape twisting and you’ll only need to push down the very end to keep the roll tidy.

Keep It Handy

Make sure you keep the duct tape in an easily accessible place. This might be in your workshop or in your kitchen. The best thing, ideally, is to keep a roll in each room where you’re likely to use it. This will eliminate hunting around for a roll when you need it. You should also remember to keep the end folded over to make the duct tape easier to handle.