5 Tips for Organizing a Closet on a Budget 5 Tips for Organizing a Closet on a Budget

Organizing a closet can be very challenging, especially if you do not have crates, boxes or frames to put all your stuff in order. However, this does not mean that arranging items in your storage cabinet would require you to shell out money on storage systems. Below are some tips that can help you organize your closet easily and without spending tons of money.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter will make your closet look disorganized. The most inexpensive way of organizing a closet is by removing all the things that you no longer use or need. Sort the things inside your closet and determine which items can be given away or thrown out along with the trash. If you like, you can sell some of your old stuff online or through a garage sale. Simply getting rid of all the junk and old items in your closet will surely make it look more organized.

2. Remove Out-Of-Season Clothes

Another way to prevent clutter and make your closet look organized is by taking out clothes and accessories that are not in season. Since you will not be using your gloves, wools and mittens during the summer, it would be a great idea to keep those things inside an empty luggage or an old box. Organizing your clothes and accessories by season will minimize the mess in your closet. Besides, it will also make it easier for you to pick clothes and accessories when you are in a hurry.

3. Keep Jewelry and Small Accessories in Containers

If you do not have enough drawers inside your closet, one way to organize small items and accessories is by putting them in stackable boxes or crates. It would really be ideal if all your crates and boxes match and fit together. However, if you do not have specialty organizers, you can just use old shoeboxes, crates or baskets that you can find in your home. Just make sure to clean any re-purposed box or crate before you use it. You should also remember to line old boxes with uncolored paper before you put in socks, underwear and other clothes. For jewelries, you can use small jars as storage containers or organizers.  

4. Keep Shoes in Boxes

Keeping your shoes in order is easy if you have a shoe closet or cabinet. However, if you keep your shoes along with your clothes and other accessories in one closet, organizing your stuff can be challenging. One budget-friendly way of organizing a closet where you keep shoes and clothes together is by putting each pair of footwear in a shoebox. It is very easy to stack shoeboxes or place them neatly on the lower part of the cabinet or closet. Remember to mark the boxes accordingly so that you will know which shoes are inside them.

5. Install Hooks

Hooks are an inexpensive way of organizing a closet. These can be used to put scarves, belts and bags in order. The interior side of the closet door is the best place to install your hooks on.


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