5 Tips for Organizing Clutter 5 Tips for Organizing Clutter

Organizing clutter is part of the two-way process of keeping any room clean. While the first aspect involves keeping the room clean and sanitized, the other side of it would be organizing all the things that are located within an area. Even if the room has sparkly floors and dust-free furniture, you can't say that it is spic and span if clutter is all over. De-cluttering can be difficult if your home is already buried under oceans of things that you don't what to do with. To help you on this purpose, here are the 5 things you can do about the clutter in your home. 

1. Throw

Gather all the things in your home that you can already considered trash. An item can be considered as such if it meets the following criteria: you don't need or want it anymore, it cannot be donated or sold, it is damaged or broken, it doesn't have any worth, repairing it would only cost a lot more than if you buy a similar object. When gathering trash at home, separate them according to material--plastic, glass, paper, and so on. Bring them to recycling center near your location. 

2. Donate

You  may have some things that can still be used but cannot be sold anymore. These things can go to charitable institutions. This strategy will not only help you de-clutter your home but also make you feel good about yourself for helping others. 

3. Sell

For items that you can no longer use for yourself but are still valuable, you can have them sold in a garage sale or in online stores. An example of this would be a pair of expensive designer jeans that you can no longer fit in. Don't keep the pair of pants in hope that you'll return back to your original size. If you do, just reward yourself with a new pair. Selling good items would not only lessen the piles in your home but also give you financial benefits. 

4. Store

Other items you would still be needing but not on a regular basis. For these things, organize them into proper storage areas. Put similar items together and label the container so you know where to find anything when you need it. Make an inventory list of all the items that you have stored and the place where you put them so that finding them would be easier. 

5. Organize

Finally, for the items that you would need regularly, you should keep them in areas that you can easily reach or find. Most of your things at home would go to proper areas. For example, all cooking tools go to the kitchen, all personal items and clothing should be in the bedroom, and so on. Be ready with baskets, bins, containers, shelves, hangers, and drawers so you can store them properly. 

Removing the clutter in your home is not as difficult as you think. All you have to do is to get five large boxes and label each with throw, donate, sell, store, and organize so you can get rid of the unwanted clutter in no time.

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