5 Tips for Reducing Storm Door Installation Cost

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The correct storm door installation will maximize the benefits of a storm door. Storm doors can make a home more energy-efficient, let in additional light, add security, and make the entrance more appealing. There is a multitude of options when choosing a storm door and several options for having it installed. Here are some tips for reducing the installation cost.

Tip 1. Estimates

If you plan to have a professional install the door, get more than one estimate. Be sure that all the quotes include the same quality of materials. Also, ask about their experience and skills. Ask if they guarantee the work and for what period. They may be able to save you money by purchasing the door for you since they often get professional discounts.

Tip 2. Ask the Dealer

Many home improvement stores and retailers have employees or contractors that can install the door. Often the prices are very reasonable because the retailer wants to encourage you to buy the door from them. If you choose this option they will usually deliver the door and may even take away the old one at the end of the job. Ask about guarantees on the workmanship and when the work can be completed.

Tip 3. Prepare the Frame

Even if you choose to have someone install the door you can reduce the costs by doing the preparation beforehand. Remove the old door yourself. Be sure the door frame is in good condition and do any repairs or painting to the frame. If you have ordered a door that requires a z-bar extender you can install this as well. A z-bar is used to enable you to use a standard-sized door in a too-large door frame.

Tip 4. Do It Yourself

You can save money by installing the storm door yourself. But you need to take into account what tools and supplies will be needed. If you don't have some of the tools then you may have to buy or borrow them. You may need to buy weather stripping or paint. Also, consider whether you have the necessary skills to install the door. Keep in mind that you may need to drill holes, install hinges, and level and plumb the door and door frame. Make a list of everything you will need and estimate any costs you will have. Another important consideration is whether you have the time to complete the installation and if you have a history of unfinished projects.

Tip 5. Check the Installation

In order to avoid spending more money to have problems fixed after the installation test the door yourself. While the installer is still there open and closes the door. The doors should easily open and should seal tightly when closed. Be sure any weatherstripping is installed properly and is not letting in the air.

A properly installed storm door can provide years of use and curb appeal. Saving money on the installation makes it an even smarter investment.