5 Tips for Repairing Cracked Tiles

Many people have cracked tiles in their houses, and usually the main cause is you getting hairline cracks in the slab as the house settles. Hence, depending on how big is the crack, their are some different techniques which you can use in order to repair your cracked tiles. Thus, here are some basic tips and some products which you can use to repair your cracked tiles.

Tip 1: Replace the Tile

If the crack on your tile is quite a big one and you are lucky enough to have some extra tiles in your garage, you can actually take the tile out and replace it. However, it requires a lot of hard work to do so and one of the things to remember is that when you replace a tile, you want to make sure that the grout is going to match.

Hence, you can clean the grout of the four corners of the tile using oxygen bleach and then get the tile out. Install the new tile and apply the matching grout. However, during this procedure remember to wear a pair of safety glasses and gloves to avoid any unwanted injuries.

Tip 2: Epoxy Glue

Otherwise, if you don't have any spare tiles you can use epoxy glue to repair the crack. Take the cracked area and fill it with clear epoxy which is a two part paste which you make up. Use a tooth pick to gently install the glue in the crack so that the epoxy glue is right at the level of the tile. Once the glue dries, all you need to do is use some paint and a fine artist brush to cover the crack.

Tip 3: Use Suitable Products

If you are going to use an adhesive to repair your tile, you must be careful to buy the proper adhesive which is specifically for your tile material. Hence, if you want to repair a ceramic tile, you have to use a ceramic tile adhesive. Otherwise, if you use the adhesive on the wrong tile, it will not completely cover the crack since the adhesive will not stick properly.

Tip 4: Repair Grout Cracks

Sometimes the grout around a tile can get cracked too and therefore, it needs to be replaced to avoid any further damaged. You can use a utility knife to remove the old grout and then apply the new grout using a trowel. Clean the excess grout using a sponge and some clean water. Furthermore, try to choose the right grout color in order to match the old grout.

Tip 5: Match a Tile

If you have a tile which is severely cracked and you don't have any spare tiles, you can match  another tile to replace it. Hence, try to find a tile which is very close to your floor color and try also to match the texture of the tile. Once you find the right tile, I recommend you to buy a couple of extra tiles which you might use in the future to replace more damaged tiles.

These are the most common tips in order to repair a cracked tile. However, remember to use the appropriate tools and products to get the job done easily and correctly.