5 Tips for Replacing a Wet Bar Sink

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You may have more than one reason to replace your wet bar sink. It may not be working; it could be out of style with renovations you have made to the bar area, or it may simply be too small. Read on to find out 5 tips for replacing a wet bar sink with a more functional, larger, or more up-to-date sink.

1 - Replace a Poorly Functioning Bar Sink

If your bar area was installed before the 1980s, upgrade the sink, taps, and plumbing with modern, washer-free hardware and PVC piping. Ensure you have connected the new sink and pipes to the correct freshwater intake pipes and wastewater exit pipes.

2 - Replace an Old-Fashioned Wet Bar Sink

You can replace your wet bar sink with a more functional rectangular or arc trough sink to complement upgrades you have made to the countertop, storage, and other bar area amenities. In tight spaces, install a full under-mount sink to avoid a wide sink lip around the edge. Add a built-in ridged drainboard beside your bar sink to help dry bar glassware faster. Enlarge the bar sink cutout to install a granite sink if you have installed granite countertops. Replace the hardware with a single-handle faucet and high arched spigot in brass or wrought iron black finish to coordinate with granite or stone countertops.

3 - Replace a Small Wet Bar Sink

If you are using your bar area and recreation room for a wider range of events, more often, and hosting more people, it may be time to replace the small square bar sink with a contemporary large one. Your new bar sink can be a conventional square, rectangle, or oval. If you wash glassware often in the bar sink, make sure it has a nearly flat bottom to reduce toppling and breakage. You can also choose a divided bar sink. Fill half of it with ice to chill beer, soda or wine, and leave the other half empty for cleaning and rinsing of glassware.

4 - Redesign Your Bar around Your Bar Sink

If you have a bar counter more than 4 feet long, you can install the "Mystic River" sink by Elkay. This sink is shaped like a long curved river channel that runs 50 inches down the length of the countertop and is 14 inches in width. The tap is located at one end and the sink bottom drops gradually toward the opposite end to promote fast drainage through a 3-inch drain.

You can fill it with ice for chilling, or display rinsed fresh fruit in it for snacking during the party. Your large wet bar sink can be finished in natural copper, antique hammered copper, bright brass, brushed stainless steel, black nickel, or fiberglass.

5 - Technical Tips when Replacing a Wet Bar Sink

Ensure your wet bar sink fits snugly into the countertop and is level and stable. This will prevent glassware breakage. Caulk the edge of the sink to reduce water leaks and seepage. Make sure all connections are watertight to prevent flooding. Install a swivel faucet or a pull-down diverter faucet for more effective washing and rinsing of barware.