5 Tips for Tire Puncture Prevention

Tire puncture prevention will save you money, help you avoid car damage and personal injury, and will prolong your tire life. Consider these 5 tips to prevent tire punctures.

Avoid Driving Where Punctures Are Likely to Happen

Detour around home and industrial construction sites, road repairs and areas with downed trees and power lines. Glass, nails, wire and other objects lie in wait to perforate your tires in these locations.

Inspect Your Tires Monthly

Monthly inspections of your tires will help you find weak tread or sidewall spots that are vulnerable to punctures.

Protect Your Tires With Tire Sealant

Have a tire sealant applied to the inside of your new tires when you buy them. It is sprayed on through the valve and distributed fully around the inside by rotating the tire.

Line Your New Tires with Puncture-Resistant Strips

The tires must be removed from the rim to apply these strips to the inside tread belt of the tires. Attached firmly with adhesive, these strips increase the durability of the tires dramatically.

Mount Puncture-Proof Tires on Your Car

A new innovation is the puncture-proof tire, with its thick rubber tread and reinforced sides, used most often on off-road trucks and motorcycles.

Tire puncture prevention will repay your investment of money or time, in safer driving.