5 Tips for Using an Airless Spray Gun 5 Tips for Using an Airless Spray Gun

An airless spray gun is probably the simplest kind of paint spray gun to use. Its design means that you don’t even need to thin the paint before you begin spraying. This makes it quick to use and if you follow some simple tips, it’s an almost foolproof way to decorate.

1. Preparation

As with all spray painting, the preparation for using an airless spray paint gun is important. If possible, clear everything out of the room where you’re spraying. If you can’t remove everything, make sure it’s well covered with drop cloths. Cover the whole floor with drop clothes, and use plastic and masking tape to cover outlets, heating vents, windows, and doors. This is necessary because spray guns emit a lot more paint than you might expect.

2. Clothing

For your own protection, make sure you wear safety goggles to keep paint out of your eyes. Choose safety goggles over safety glasses, as they’ll offer more protection. In order to keep it off your hair wear a hat, and it’s advisable to also wear a dust mask. You should also choose old clothes for the job, as they’ll end up paint-spattered.

3. Filtering

As you pour the paint from the can into container for the airless spray gun, you need to filter it. This stops any clogs of foreign matter that might be in the paint from entering the spray gun and clogging it. You can buy a filter made specially for this purpose. Otherwise, use an old pair of pantyhose, which will do the job just as well and costs nothing. It’s worth taking the time for this step, as your paint will look much better and you’ll experience no problems when spraying.

4. Using the Sprayer

There are two basic rules you need to obey when using the airless spray gun on a wall or ceiling. The first is that you need to keep the spray gun moving from side to side. Don’t keep it still to focus on a spot or you’ll have paint running and dripping. You won’t achieve better coverage. It’s far better to apply a couple of thin coats than to try to put on one thicker coat.

The other important rule to follow is that the spray gun needs to be a constant distance from the surface that you’re painting. This is vital to achieve even coverage. Obviously, you don’t have to be exact to the inch, but keep it as steady as possible when spraying and you’ll obtain the very best results. Ideally, the gun should be about 12 inches from the surface.

5. Technique

Don’t try to paint more than about 3 feet at one stroke. Move the arm with the airless spray gun either from left to right or right to left. Don’t pull the trigger until after you’re begun the movement, and make sure you release the trigger before you finish the sweep. As you move down the wall, allow a 50 percent overlap of paint. Always clean the airless spray gun as soon as you’ve finished using the gun, so it will be ready for the next time.

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