5 Tips for Using Paint Primer in a Paint Gun

Paint Primer makes any paint job last longer and even though it adds an extra step to the process, it doesn't have to be a chore. Using a paint gun is a great way to apply primer and below are five tips on how to use this tool efficiently and effectively.

Tip #1 - Choosing the Right Primer

Make sure you select your primer carefully. Some brands will mention on the label if their formula works well in a paint gun, and you should select a paint primer that specifically mentions this. Also ensure that you choose the correct primer for the surface you are painting. Primer for a car is different from primer made for walls so make sure you are using the right one for your particular job.

Tip #2 - The Best Paint Gun for the Job

The paint gun you use is just as important as the primer. Choose a gun that corresponds to the size of what you are painting - too small and the job will take forever, too big and you will have less control over the primer. Also make sure you thoroughly wash and dry the gun before pouring in your paint primer.

Tip #3 - Safety

Since you will be working with primer and paint being sprayed in the air, wearing some kind of mask is a must. Choose the kind of mask that feels most comfortable to you, but ensure that your mouth and nose are covered. You may also want to wear gloves to protect your hands. If you are priming and painting outside, remember that windy weather will blow the materials in your face and away from the surface you are priming so if possible, paint when there is little to no wind.

Tip #4 - Preparing Your Paint Primer

Any lumps, big dust particles or any other debris that may have found their way into the paint primer will not only make your primer application uneven, but could also clog the paint gun. Some people like to stir the paint primer with a wooden stick in its container prior to putting it in the gun, to make sure it is evenly mixed. Other people place a strainer on top of the paint gun tank so that anything not completely liquid does not find its way into the paint gun.

Tip #5 - Painting Technique

Make sure that you tape off the sections you do not want covered in primer and paint. But when you are applying your primer, make sure that your strokes with the paint gun go slightly onto the tape. This way your primer, and later the paint, will go all the way up to the edge of the tape and exactly where you want it. Don't be afraid that you are painting the place where you do not want to - if you do not prime and paint slightly over the tape, then when you are finished your project you will have a thin strip of the old color showing as your new color did not go all the way to the edge.