5 Tips for Using Plumbing Compression Fittings

Being able to take care of things around the house can save you a lot of money and that includes working with plumbing compression fittings. In plumbing jobs these are used to connect pipes and/or tubing together so that you can attach them to fixtures. For the novice plumber this may sound difficult but it is actually quite easy with the right tools and a little bit of knowledge. These fittings are a perfect solution when you are working in an area where you cannot use a torch with solder. But, in the end you are going to discover that this is an easy and very cost effective way to get the job done. Once you've done this a couple of times it will become second nature. 

Tip 1 – Thread Seal

The thread seal tape is wrapped around the male threads of your compression seat. To get a good seal wrap it around two times in a clockwise direction.

Tip 2 – Cleaning

The next tip refers to proper cleaning of the tubes. Most people do not understand why cleaning the tubes is necessary when replacing or using compression fittings, but the end of the tubing needs to be completely clean at the mark of the fitting in order to prevent leaking.

Step 3 – Compression Nuts and Rings

Compression fittings consist of nuts and rings which are put onto the end of the tubing that you have just cleaned. The compression ring should be slipped onto the end of the tubing. This should be placed approximately an inch or two from the end. Using the nuts and rings properly means that they rest comfortably on the compression seat. You should also use the proper tools to tighten the fitting after you thread the compression nut into it. As you are tightening the compression nut, the ring is going to go into its proper placement with each turn. This tightening process is going to compress the ring.

Tip 4 – Choosing the Proper Material

Usually, plumbing compression fittings are made of copper because this material is durable. Copper compression fittings are very easy to handle and install.

Tip 5 – Check the Fitting

Checking that there is no leaking and that everything is sealed up is a very important part of the process. When you are using plumbing compression fittings you need to make sure that you have sealed up everything properly so that you see if any adjustments need to be made before you put everything back in its proper place. Compression fittings are easy to use, but you need to be cautious and ensure that there is no leaking. It is a fairly easy job to do and it can save you lots of money if you do it on your own.