5 Tips on Choosing the Best Spark Plug Wire

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  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 35-75
What You'll Need
New spark wires
What You'll Need
New spark wires

The spark plug wire you choose is going to ensure your car’s ignition fires up quickly and consistently. Choosing the right spark plug wire is just as important as the spark plugs themselves. Here are some tips to make sure you get what you need.

Tip 1: Ask Your Car Manufacturer

Before you purchase any car part, you want to talk with your car’s manufacturer to see what they recommend. Often, they might tell you to come to their dealership, but you can also ask what you need to buy to do the wire replacement on your own. Looking at your car’s owner’s manual will also help you determine what wires are going to work. Or you can look to see what your car already has under the hood.

Tip 2: Ask Your Mechanic

If you’re unsure of what your car needs, it never hurts to take the car into the mechanic. They will look at your engine and your current setup to see what spark plug wires you need. At that time, they can replace the wires or they can instruct you on what parts to buy to complete the work in your garage. You may be charged for their advice, however, so this may not be a simple consultation.

Tip 3: Buy New, Not Used

New spark plug wires have the greatest chance of giving you the performance you need for a long time. Used wires are unpredictable as they might have one more spark in them or 100—you just don’t know. New car parts are always preferred and most wires are reasonably priced and easy to find online and in car part stores. Purchasing new spark plugs at the same time will help to ensure a positive result from the repair.

Tip 4: Buy the Right Number of Wires

You will need as many spark plug wires as there are cylinders in your car. To determine the number of wires you need, you can count the wires already in place or you can check with the manufacturer to see how many cylinders you have. Purchasing a large assortment of wires is not costly, so if you’re unsure of what you need, it’s better to buy more than too few.

Tip 5: Look for Numbers or Lengths of Wire

To make replacing your wires a simpler process, look for spark plug wires with numbers on them. This will help you determine where to attach them. These numbers signify the lengths of each of the wires in inches. If there aren’t numbers, lay the wires out on their sides to see how their lengths compare. It is crucial that the wires be attached in the correct order, so it might help to write down the numbers on the old wires before you begin replacing the spark plug wires already in place.

Replacing spark plug wires is simple and often something a newer car owner can handle on their own. Purchasing the best spark plug wires is the most difficult part. The rest is easy.