5 Tips on Creating a Sexy Bedroom 5 Tips on Creating a Sexy Bedroom

Spice things up by turning your sleeping space into a sexy bedroom. A sensuous room makeover will help you relax or may even improve your relationship without even costing much. Keep these tips in mind when you decide to redecorate your space to create a romantic ambience.   

Tip 1 - Remove Clutter

Your bedrooms might be crammed with excess furniture, paperwork, television sets, children’s toys, exercise machines or even books. Work to make your bedroom look spacious, comfortable and organized. Remove the unromantic clutter by discarding things you do not need—find another space for them in your home. Focus on creating a relaxing zone where you and your partner can communicate, so banish anything that causes interruptions.   

Tip 2 - Transform the Walls

There is nothing like a paint job to transform the look of the room. Paint your dull white walls a bold romantic color such as light red or honey gold. If a passionate deep red strikes your fancy, use it for one of the walls, since painting the entire room a dark color will make it look smaller. You can keep the ceiling white or go for a softer neutral tone.

Tip 3 - Bed and Bedding Detail

Pick a bed that is comfortable and inviting. Novelty beds can be heart-shaped, vibrating or even rotating, but you can make even a standard king, queen or full very romantic.

Whether you purchase a new bed or use your old one, dress it up with silk sheets. These are luxurious, feel great against the skin and are known to enhance romance. A large variety of these sheets are available in stores. Purchase a set in bold colors like red or black, or with patterns. You may also spray some of your favorite fragrance on your bedding for either relaxation (scents like lavender and vanilla) or stimulation (citrus scents).

Tip 4 - Electronic Detail

Keep some music handy to elevate your mood. You do not need a hi-fi stereo system to get things rollingjust a simple bedside stereo system will suffice. Play a selection of soft or classical music in the bedroom to relax.

Keep bedroom lighting minimal since you will be supplementing it with candles. Opt for mood lighting and select pink since it has a soft glow. Make sure all your bulbs are dimmable.

Stock your in-room minibar with a bottle of champagne to get things rolling, and chocolates or other treats for late night indulgences.  

Tip 5 - Add Additional Detail to Your Room

Spruce up your bedroom by paying attention to details. Use aromatherapy candles or potpourri to add fragrance, or even decorate with scented candles in all shapes and sizes. Purchase the ones that appeal to you. Colossal candles are best for bedrooms since they burn slowly and emit a passive light and faint smell.

Add romantic touches such as sequenced cushions for the bed, floor rugs with beautiful trim or even a luxurious bear skin rug.

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