5 Tips on Tile Paint Designs 5 Tips on Tile Paint Designs

If you have made your own tiles, or wish to paint over ones that you already have, then you have a number of different options for tile paint designs. In order to properly fit the design to the tiles, you will also need to have equipment such as a calculator and a set square. It is not difficult to paint a tile, so long as you remember that you are working with a surface which may get wet. In order to paint the tile, you will need to prep it, choose a good design, and then use the correct type of tile paint to get it completely fixed.

1 - Preparing the Tile

Before you fit any of your tile paint designs onto the wall, you will need to make sure that the tile is completely clean, by wiping the surface with a damp sponge, and helping the design to stick by adding a few scratches to the edge of the tile. Use sandpaper to scratch the tile, as this will give your paint designs a better grip on your tile.

2 - Find a suitable Design

As painting tiles with designs has become ever popular, so you will be able to find an increasing range of tile paint designs in your local craft or home improvements store. Look for a pattern that matches other designs in your home, such as wallpaper, cabinet designs, or even carpets. You could also choose something with a theme, such as a floral motif, a seawater scene, or a kitchen tile decoration. All of these tile designs mean that you will be able to plan and create your very own tile paint design on your walls.

There are a range of pre-made tile designs, and you may also find ones which are not manufactured, but specially custom-made for yourself. As well as both of these designs made by other people, you can choose to make your own.

3 - Pre-Cut Designs

Tile transfers are an excellent way of getting a design that you can plan and repeat without making mistakes. Transfers are used in both wall painting, and in creating tile patterns, so you should be able to combine the two and create a tile decoration. Following these kinds of tile paint design templates is the most basic method of decorating your tiles.

4 - Custom Designs

On the other hand, you can choose to go to an artist or designer and have your designs built for free. Choosing these designs means that you will be able to include personal details in your designs, and also that you can put your own stamp on the design. They are, however particularly expensive.

5 - Handmade Designs

A cheaper version of the handmade design, which allows you all of the freedom of the custom design with the costs of the pre-cut templates is the handmade design. Choose a pattern yourself that you wish to paint upon the wall, and style it according to your own particular plan.

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