5 Tips to fix a Leaking Toilet 5 Tips to fix a Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet can be source of frustration and can cause your monthly water bill to be much more than it should be. Therefore, if you notice leaks in your toilet, you should repair them immediately. Sometime, a leaky toilet can even lead to damage of the flooring in your bathroom. Repairing a leaky toilet is not too difficult, and this short list of handy tips will make plugging leaks in your toilet much easier.

Always Keep Two Items on Hand

One of the most common causes a leaking toilet is a water supply line that is not tight or properly sealed. Although you may be required to replace an inlet water line from time to time, there will be many times when you can fix the leak with an adjustable wrench and some plumbers Teflon tape. So, make sure that you have a roll of Teflon tape in your toolbox and a small adjustable wrench. These are the only tools you need to fix a leaking water inlet hose in most cases.

Don't Over-tighten Connection Fittings

When working with plumbing, we all have a tendency to believe that a tighter seal is always a better seal. However, there are many times when this is simply not the case. For instance, when installing or repairing a water inlet hose to your toilet, you should be very careful not to over tighten the compression nut fitting. This also applies when you need to install a new flush valve or flapper assembly in the bottom of your toilet tank. When you connect these types of fittings, tighten them hand tight, and then used a wrench to turn it an additional one fourth or one quarter turn only. The Teflon tape or plumber's putty used for the connection is what provides the seal, not a high amount of torque on the nut or fitting.

Use Food Coloring to Find the Leak

If you suspect a bad wax ring seal at the base of the toilet is the source of a leak, you can easily confirm this by using some food coloring. Although you can buy expensive commercial dies to check for leaks in your toilet, food coloring works just as well. To check for a wax ring leak, pour a few drops of food color into the bowl and flush the toilet. If you see the food coloring on the floor a few minutes later, this is virtually a sure sign of a faulty wax ring.

Get More Life from an Older Toilet

If you have an old toilet bowl, it is probably a two-piece design. Where the bowl and the tank are connected by two bolts. If the old toilet is leaking at the base of the tank, you can avoid buying a brand-new toilet by simply installing new rubber washers on the bolts that secure the bowl to the tank.

Use Flange Supports on Rotted Flooring

If you do need to change the wax ring for your toilet, always inspect the flooring around the toilet flange. At the first sign of water damage or floor rot, install flange supports beneath the flange. These are simply metal plates that slide underneath the flange and help provide more protection for your flooring. This will help you avoid having to rip out the floor because of water damage from the toilet.

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