5 Tips to Keeping an Exhaust Fan Vent Clean

Keeping your exhaust fan vent clean helps to keep the air inside your home or business clean. The exhaust van is designed to remove dust particles, lint and hot air from your environment. The lint and dust particles have the tendency to obstruct your ventilation system over time and cause your home to become stuffy. You can save yourself significant money by keeping your exhaust fan vents clean by following these tips.

Vent Vacuuming 

If it has been a while since your exhaust fan vent has been cleaned, the buildup of dust and lint in the vent could be heavy. Vacuuming the vent with a shop-vac vacuuming system can help to get the majority of the buildup out of the vent. Ensure that you have a mask for protection if you are subject to allergies.

Vacuuming your exhaust fan vent from the outside as well as the inside is recommended. The dust and debris that you couldn't reach from the inside of your home can be reached from the outside.  

Vent Sweeping

Although vacuuming a vent removes the majority of dust balls and lint trapped in the vent, there is the possibility of dust and lint that could be stuck along the walls of the vent. Take a broom and sweep the walls of the vent completely as far as you can reach to remove the debris from the walls. This will prevent dust and lint particles in the future from having something to stick to when the exhaust fan is cleaning the air. A traditional duster with an extended handle is a more effective tool to collect the dust.

Sweeping your exhaust fan vent from the outside of your home as well as the inside will ensure that you are able to reach the dust and debris that you couldn't reach from the inside. 

Filter Condition

One of the easiest signs to your vent system operating poorly is the presence of dust in your home or office. It is necessary to change the filter that leads to your exhaust fan which will also show a dust and lint buildup. Changing the filter at least once a month will help keep the air clean and the dust to a minimum.

Set Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Consistency is the key to keeping your exhaust fan vent in good condition. It is good practice to set a schedule for a monthly vent cleaning for preventative maintenance. If you are changing your vent filter on a monthly basis, it is a good idea to complete the cleaning of the vent at the same time so that everything is done at once. 

Set Yearly Cleaning Schedule

The monthly cleaning that you do on your exhaust fan vent is good preventative maintenance. However, a yearly deep cleaning of your exhaust ventilation along with your HVAC system will ensure that your home remains a clean air environment. It will be necessary to contact a professional vent cleaning service to deep clean your vents with high-powered vacuums and vent sweeping systems. You can maintain the cleaning until the following year.