5 Tips When Shopping for Shower Pumps

Shower pumps do more than make bath time invigorating. They can boost the water pressure throughout your home. With the ever growing technology, more and more houses are being built with a shower pump, and their residents certainly see a difference when it begins to falter. Here are four tips for buying a new shower pump.

Tip 1: Determine the Pressure

Decide whether you want your new shower pump to simply enhance your showering experience or boost the entire home’s water pressure. This will help you determine what size pump to buy. The rating system for capacity is in bars with 1 representing the lowest pressure.

Tip 2: Constant Temperature

Some pumps are now built with the ability to regulate the water temperatures to prevent pipes from freezing in cold climates. These also help to avoid startling cold water when the valve is opened for a shower

Tip 3: Single or Twin Impeller

If you want a better water boost than just a shower, choose the twin impeller. It has ports for both the hot and cold water.

Tip 4: Quiet Operation

With better quality comes quieter operation. You’ll probably not mind spending a few extra dollars for a little bit of silence.