5 Types of Above Ground Pool Slides

When summer comes above ground pool slides can add great fun and versatility to your backyard fun. If you own an above ground pool, that is fun all on its own but adding a pool slide can make it even more fun. There are many types of above ground pool slides that you can choose from and all have their pluses and minuses. The information below will list several kinds of above ground pool slides and their good and bad points.

1. Inflatable Pool Slides

Above ground pool slides come in all sizes and an inflatable pool slide is primarily seen in conjunction with children pools. The inflatable pool slide is small and there is nothing fancy about it. It is essentially an A-frame construction. This type of slide is placed on an edge of the pool which also acts as a support structure for the slide. The child climbs up the slide from the outside and slides down it into the pool. This slide needs to be constantly inflated as use will eventually cause it to collapse. It is also not very solid.

2. Twisting Slides

Above ground pool slides that twist are incredibly fun. They need to be tall enough to stand on the outside of the pool as well as inside the pool. There is a ladder taking the user to the top of the slide. Once you begin to slide down your body twists as you go down and enter the pool. Above ground pool sides of this nature require a lot of space both inside and outside of the pool. The size of these slides makes them very impractical for regular home use.

3. Straight Slides

This is the most common of above ground pool slides you will see being used. The straight slide is the larger version of the inflatable pool slide. Like its smaller cousin it is also an A-frame construction with the ladder existing outside of the pool and the slide terminating within the water. You climb up and slide down hitting the water. These slides come in a variety of sizes to fit the circumference of the pool you have.

4. Enclosed Slides

These slides exist in both a straight and twisting design. The difference is that the slide is completely enclosed. This adds an element of surprise and excitement. In order for above ground pool slides of this type to be effective is if they are raised off the surface of the pool. This means the pool has to be very large as does the slide.

5. Wet Slide

All above ground pool slides suffer from one drawback: they're not slippery. Plastic is smooth enough but bare flesh on plastic often results in what can only be described as a rug burn. As the slides are in use they get wet which helps the user easily slide down unless you begin to dump water down the ladder prior to using the slide. A wet slide has a water hose attached which cycles pool water through expelling it down the slide.