5 Types of Bedroom Vanities to Decorate With

Bedroom vanities are an important and essential part of a woman’s bedroom. They’re more than just functional pieces of furniture and can be in fact a woman’s place to unwind, dress up, and look and feel great. Choosing a bedroom vanity requires some amount of thought and not only should it serve the intended purpose, but it should also look good, have adequate storage and be uncomplicated and easy-to-use.

Here are 5 types of bedroom vanities that you can choose from and decorate the bedroom with.

1. Victorian Style Vanity for the Bedroom

If your bedroom has a romantic, whimsical look to it, a Victorian-style vanity would look just perfect. Victorian vanities are ornate with intricate carving and made of either rosewood or mahogany or with a finish that resembles these woods. Rich and detailed, these vanities are a perfect addition to a bedroom that is either already Victorian in theme and décor or is simple and can benefit from the richness of the Victorian style.

2. Minimalist Modern Vanities

These are simple, straight-lined vanities with no carving or embellishment. The legs and backs are bare yet sturdy and elegant. Minimalist vanities make use of bold, straight lines and clean finishes. These vanities look great in bedrooms that use a simple theme and are relatively uncluttered and open. Although the minimalist look does dominate, the vanities do not lack storage space and usually have a combination of drawers and shelves to store trinkets, make up and other small essentials. You can find these vanities in a variety of finishes including cherry, oak or plain black and white. 

3. Wrought Iron Bedroom Vanities

While wood is usually the preferred choice for a bedroom vanity, a rich and ornate vanity made of wrought iron can be quite the style statement. Besides being durable and easy-to-maintain, a wrought iron vanity looks stylish and elegant as well. Bedroom vanities made of wrought iron look great in both modern and retro-styled bedrooms. Teenaged girls too will like having a stylish wrought iron vanity in their bedrooms.

4. Metal Vanities

Akin to bedroom vanities made of wrought iron, metal vanities are also an easy and affordable decorating option. These vanities usually have simple, straight lines and are inexpensive as compared to the vanities made of wood. Metal vanities are lightweight and durable and are an ideal addition to small-sized bedrooms. They serve their purpose and look stylish as well without taking up too much space.

5. Traditional-Style Vanities

Similar to the Victorian-style vanities, traditional bedroom vanities are also decorated and detailed. However, they usually don’t have the carvings and intricate work of a Victorian vanity. Traditional-styled vanities have rounded legs, plenty of storage, cushioned stools and either tri-panel or hinged mirrors. These vanities look best with bedrooms that have a cottage, romantic or traditional décor theme. Made of wood, traditional style vanities come in a variety of finishes and colors and can easily be paired with any color palette.

Bedroom vanities are a must-have for a woman’s bedroom space and you can easily find one to suit your bedroom’s décor and style. Choose one that is not only durable and functional but also stylish and elegant. After all, it will be the place that’ll help you look your best all the time.