5 Types of Bifold Closet Doors Explained

Traditionally, the term bifold closet doors would make someone thing about a type of bifold door that has slats and flimsy knobs. These doors were avoided at all cost because they lacked durability and style. Bifold doors fold in on themselves, and are kept in place by a sliding track. The sliding track generally can be found at the top of the door. Until recently, you would only find bifold doors in areas of the house that got little use. Today’s bifold doors come in all different styles and types. You can choose from any of the following types of bifold doors:

Raised Panel Bifold Door

This is one of the most common types of bifold doors. Add beauty to your home with a solid wood raised panel bifold door. This can easily become the main focal point of your home’s interior style.

Raised panel bifold doors can either have a horizontal style panel or a vertical style panel. The raised panel doors are made up of three parts: Panels, styles and rails.

The raised panels look like they float within the frame of the bifold door. The door stiles are the two long vertical pieces on each side of the bifold door. The rails are the horizontal and/or vertical pieces in the door.

Accordian Bifold Door

Accordian bifold doors are a great way to split up a very large and expansive area in your home. Accordion bifold doors are made of different materials – from glass to PVC, vinyl to wood. They are ideal for many because they can be made or created to fit almost any room and décor.

The accordion bifold door looks like an accordion. The door folds away neatly and evenly.

These doors are perfect for a closet, a utility room (laundry) or they are also great for partitioning and breaking up a very large space or room.

French Door Style Bifold Door

Generally speaking, you will find two types of bifold french doors. Each of these types of doors will have class. You will either find a bifold french door with clear tempered glass or a bifold french door with beveled glass. These types of doors are being used to create room dividers. This will add extra space and create additional conversation or living areas in small or very large open interior spaces in the home.

Flat Panel Bifold Door

Flat-panel bifold doors have a very simple look. Their characteristics are clean lines. Flat-panel bifold doors are available in many different configurations and styles. If you like the configurations and styles of raised panel bifold doors, you can also opt for those styles as the flat panel bifold door.

Louvered Bifold Door

You can purchase a louvered bifold door with or without ventilation. A vented louver bifold door will allow airflow and passage. Typical uses include laundry rooms where ventilation is usually needed. On the other hand, false louver doors feature the louver look without airflow. These bifold doors are used when the louver look is desired and where privacy is necessary.